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Have you seen a dietitian before?

If you eat food, are tired of diets, and want to stop worrying about what "all in moderation" means anyway, we already have some things in common.

I became a registered dietitian in 2007 as my second career path. So I came to it with a wealth of real life experience and a baseline knowledge that food is a necessity, confusing and loaded with emotional ties to many parts of our lives.

That's why I have built my practice around a two simple ideas:

  • Nutrition is mainly related to food science and human metabolism. Therefore, the quality and variety of nutrients we consume may have the ability to reduce risk of getting some diseases and could bring existing conditions under better control.

  • Eating nutritiously happens with intentional choices and positive eating behaviors. We can call a this a healthy relationship with food.

These are the topics I enjoy discussing with clients. Together we tease out a plan for addressing medical issues while bringing about a balanced relationship with food.

If you have met with a dietitian, please share in the comments what was the most memorable moment or piece of advice?

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